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July 25, 2006



Very informed post. Have you considered how completely impossible it would be to "put an end 2 hisbulla"?

Lets assume that you could somehow figure out a way to do it, could it be done without flattening the entire country?

Oh yeah, lets not forget that any attempt to destroy HEZBULLAH would certainly pull Iran and Syria into the fight.

Well now you've got world war III on your hands and like as not world wide nuclear holocaust. Hurray.

Seriously though, how does one dismantle a secretive millitant organization that has no problem dispersing amoung the civilian population and waiting for a new chance to strike?

They arent a uniformed army, they're a well trained and funded millitia. You cant disarm that. You might force them to back down for a time, but they'll be right back.


this problem needs sorting once and for all, we all know iran and syria and other muslim countries are the main support of the palestinian terrorists.
The christian countries of this world should unite with israel and wipe iran and syria off the map as this is what they would like to do with israel. Thres always war caused by muslims, if theres no christians nearby they will fight each other, its time for the arabs to put up or shut up, if you want to fight put a uniform on and get away from the women and children and fight like men, your all so brave marching in a parade firing your guns in the air but when you get shot at you always start whining and moaning.

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