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July 21, 2006



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dear muhamd

As an israely I am senting you my pray.
I live in Jerusalem and I am consernd about the mess.

be well


Margaret Turner

Mohamad, I am a Christian and I am praying for you as are MANY of my brothers and sisters in Christ. Most Americans want an end to the wars also, we see people suffering everyday on the TV and it breaks our hearts. I pray that you and your family will be safe and this will all end soon.
GOD be with you.


While my heart goes out to the people in southern Lebanon, I also feel that those same people are in a small way responsible for the madness. This may sound harsh, but I assure you, I mean no disrespect to anyone.

To the people of southern Lebanon - As long as you allow terrorists to live and operate in your country, there will never be peace. It does not matter if you believe in their cause or not, you are the ones allowing them to stay. Terrorism is NEVER going to be the answer. You will NOT win the hearts and minds of the rest of the world by blowing up innocent people.

Put yourself in Israel's chair for a moment. If some terrorist organization was launching missles into your country, would your leaders not do everything in their power to make it stop? Is it not government's duty to protect it's people? If you answer yes to these questions, then you know why the madness began and why it will not end so long as terrorists are free to operate out of your country. As we in the US now know, you cannot negotiate with terrorists. They have only hate in their hearts, and no amount of talking will ever change that. It is up to you, the people of Lebanon, to demand that your government stop allowing these murderers to use your country.


Mike: Are terrorists and innocent civilians equally responsible for this? Terrorists are the ones exploiting those we call innocent. Understand those (citizens of Lebanon) who do not want this war have little choice. what power does a raised fist have against a bomb?

Much of the world lives in peace and safety. Void the constant sound of bombs and air raids. From an outsider's perspective the solution seems so simple, but at the heart of the matter is a horribly bitter battle.

Only when we rid the world of all weapons and military can there be peace. As long as there are weapons, there will be soliders ready to use them. Fight with words, not with weapons.


One man's terrorist organiztion is another's army. One man's army is anothers terrorist organization.
But the US media frames this as Israel army vs. Lebanese terrorist organiztion. If we are not careful this language alone will suck us into another one off Bush's plans for middle-east chaos. Do you really want your sons and daughters dying in a war to protect Israel which has done nothing but pull us into trouble for 50+ years?

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