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July 30, 2006



Just want to post my personal point of view. I am a Greek civilian and I am really indignant from this paranoia that has defeated all the powerful authorities across the world!
USA, Yugoslavia, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, etc... participating in TV shows with death child-bodies, lot of blood, high-end guns, bad Muslims, good peacemakers, terrorists, etc.

I am wondering…. Who will be next in that show? And what for?

Who is going to be the next “terrorism”?
Who is going to be the next “peacemaker”?

I am one of those billions of people, watching this TV show from my comfortable couch, eating my rich meal and drinking my expensive wine. So everything is under control and my only concern is how I will earn more money in order to have a better couch to watch this horror TV show.
It seems that I have a perfect life! YES, until the next “terrorism” or the next “peacemaker” will be close to my home or by mistake a bomb will hit my home and accidentally and unintentionally I will be the next STAR on this very successful TV show!! More than this, I will have the honour that all the Super Stars (Bush, Bler, Sirak, Kofi Annan, etc) will speak FOR ME with such compassion, pain, and love! Also they will take care to rebuild my home and establish a new culture based on new codes of ethics called democracy!

My God (whoever you are)! WAKE US UP!!!


Mr. X

Vassilis's obvious attempt at empathy while he wallows in his self-pity is most likely the result of too much Ouzo. Instead of waxing poetic on the difficulty of having too much money, he ought to do his share and donate money to relief aid! Help the people, rather than whine about to much media coverage et al. Wake up and realize this is the information age whether you like it or not, and it would do you good to get of your lazy but and help the world. One man can make a difference. Look at Ghandi.

God bless all who suffer

Mr. X


Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.
But insanity has no religion, no ethics no boundaries.
I woke up in the morning as usual picked up the news paper, news heading 37 children killed in Israel’s barbaric actions against Lebanon.
Israeli’s are showing the highest insane behavior by killing innocent Lebanese children’s, and wild bombarding over the whole city. Today is the 24th day of this hegemony of war and still no such big news from the peace makers either they condemn the wild bombardment over the innocent citizens.
These events un-covers the secularist and democratic ideologies that they fail to prove and maintain the balance of power and security in the world.
Keeping present situation into the account there is a huge responsibility over the so called peace keeping agencies and the heads of the states of whole world are and will be responsible for each and every miss deed, they could not be anymore silent watchers of this blood shed game, They all have to be answered.
Believing, non-believing and not believing all will die sooner or later.
Let us all as human beings join our hands and raise them in front of “Almighty the Lord of the universe” for the good of humanity, Pray for the tolerance and patience for the whole humanity regarded as the strongest weapon. May Allah bless the departed souls with Jannah. (Ameen)
But the deeds never die. Please protect poor souls for being cruel.
Stop them from these barbaric actions against humanity, and violation of human rights and use of mass destruction weapons slammed it in the strongest words that Israel in their attacks didn’t spare even the special children killing 37 of them, even though thousands are been killed and injured, who will be responsible of further causalities?
And who will make a difference? A true faith and a true Islamic base! Because our strength is in ourselves please do explore your essence as a human.

It’s sad to see how the world is just turning
Upside-down in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and
Afghanistan. I wish we could do something about it.
(A friend’ views about the sad situation)


Lebanon and Israel: both sides suffering


A letter to the World...

With my beloved Lebanon I shall start, as you deserve your fame and to your courage I cannot but lean. How much more tears should you shed for the others to realize how great you are? How much more blood should you spill for the others to recognize what you really are? Today I cannot but bend down on my knees to your majestic presence... I worship your sea, your sand, your mountains and cedars. I worship your Mosques and Churches. I worship your children, fathers and mothers. Now I understand why the greatest empires and civilizations spilled their blood on this land. Now I understand why the first Christian miracle was meant to be on this land... Now I understand why Jesus, Mohammed, Moses and Ali are all united on this land.
To my honorable fellow Lebanese, thank you! Thank you for being what you are! People think we are fond of savaging each other, today we showed them how united we are... Call yourselves Arabs, call yourselves Phoenicians, call yourselves Turks, call yourselves Armenians, call yourselves Kurds, call yourselves anything cause you are all of these together, as no one in this world struggled for them as much as you did and are still doing.

To the Israeli government, I say we are tired of cleaning the Holocaust rubble we were never responsible for. You do not need to exterminate millions to prove to the world what you endured.
To the Americans, I would rather not say anything as most of the words in this letter are jargon to you. Yes, there are countries on the map other than the United States and yes I am aware that you are not capable of pointing out Lebanon, nor Palestine, nor Irak nor Afghanistan nor even France on this map. For that, I cannot blame you but in fact I can only pity your nation.
To the Brits, it is probably a good time to figure out who is ruling your country: the Queen, Tony Blair or Bush?
To the Germans; you are indeed still paying your debts!
To the rest of the world, I thank some of you for the effort you are doing for "this forgotten spit of land called Lebanon".

My letter is not over yet and will not be before I say something to the Arab World:
You just proved that the Arab nation is just a myth, just a dream.
Shame on most of you! Lebanon has been fighting in the name of Arabs much more than any of you! Lebanon sacrificed his children for your cause!
The Lebanon you always blamed for not being Arab enough has been bleeding for the last 60 years for your sake! But Lebanon cannot keep your golden thrones! Lebanon cannot keep your castles and Harem! Maybe this is why Lebanon was not Arab enough for you...
How can you close your eyes at night, knowing that there are people lying under tons of rubbles fighting the war you do not want to bring "to your backyards"?
We have fought for Jesus, Mohammed and Ali. Our people died for Palestine and supported the cause to the last breath. Egypt, pride of Nasser! Jordan pride of the Palestinians who live in your capital! What a shame for the Arabs you are! What a disgrace for Lebanon you are...

"Let the cheap Lebanese blood spill! It is not oil, It is not gold so let it go"...and for that we thank you all!


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